Peel - Adhesive Remover SprayPeel - Adhesive Remover Spray

PEEL Adhesive Remover

No propellants – No wastage – No sting – No fuss.
** Wipes available only on Blackberry scent. 




Product Description

The Care Range PEEL is a propellant free Medical Adhesive Remover. It uses “bag-in-can” technology, so it can be sprayed at all angles, giving 100% product usage. It does not spray cold on the skin, and is quieter to use than standard aerosols.

PEEL is your 2 in 1 Adhesive Remover that easily removes stoma appliances and adhesive residue plus it has a refreshing fragrance for deodorising during appliance changes.

Available in Blackberry, Apple, Mint and No Fragrance sprays
Wipes also available in Blackberry fragrance
Bag-in-can technology
No sting formula
Can be sprayed at all angles (360 degree spraying)
100% product usage so no wastage
Does not spray cold on the skin

Prescription Order Codes:

Apple – OPA50 (50ml)
Blackberry – OPB50 (50ml)
Mint – OPM50 (50ml)
No Fragrance – OPN50 (50ml)
Wipes – OPBW30 (30 wipes)

(Samples will be sent in a ‘wipe’ format, in sachets.)

If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

Additional information

Scent required:

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