We’ve got continence supplies covered too

If you or someone you know uses continence care products like catheters, sheaths, and leg bags, say goodbye to the hassle of managing two different prescriptions. Respond can handle these products on prescription, all in one easy delivery.

Next time you place an order, just let our friendly care team know if you need continence care products as well, and they’ll sort it all out for you. It’s a breeze to set up. And if you feel like doing something for us in return, you could recommend Respond to any friends or family who would benefit from having all their continence supplies delivered by us too!

Haven’t jumped on this yet? Drop us a line to get your continence supplies added to your existing prescription.

The perfect fit – and it’s free

The right fit is essential for every ostomate to avoid leaks and irritations. We know that cutting stoma bags can be calming for some, but it’s a chore for others.

Our free cutting service ensures a perfect fit, whether by hand or machine. Send us your template, and we’ll handle the rest. If your stoma changes in shape or size, just update us with a new template. Regular fit-checks are recommended to accommodate changes like weight fluctuation or surgery.

Simplify your routine with our precise, hassle-free service.

Complimenting items

When you place your order, we can add in any extra essentials you might need. This includes all the must-have stoma routine essentials, which we automatically include with every order – unless, of course, you tell us not to.

We’ll ensure you receive all the extras that pair perfectly with your stoma care prescription, including a personalised cutting service, dry wipes, hand wipes, disposal bags, sample products, scissors, a night drainage stand, wash bags, disabled toilet keys, toilet cards, support and advice from our community nurses, and personal support items.

And don’t forget, our community support nurses are always ready to provide support and advice whenever you need it!

A delivery that works around you, chosen for you

Forget waiting around for your stoma prescription to show up. We’ve teamed up with DPD to make deliveries a breeze. You can set or reschedule your delivery to fit your schedule, and if you need a little extra time to get to the door, just use the ‘more-time needed’ option on the DPD app.

We want your parcels delivered with the same personal touch you experience when placing your order. We picked DPD because they share our values of putting customers first and making them the heart of everything they do. It’s a partnership we’re proud of and one that works like a charm.

Plus, we’re making a big difference to the environment together. DPD is investing in an all-electric delivery fleet, with over 3,000 vehicles delivering ‘green’ in 30 of the UK’s largest towns and cities. Every month, they send us a carbon certificate showing how many parcels were delivered by all-electric vehicles and the CO2 savings we’ve achieved. Now, that’s a delivery service we can all feel good about!

Signing up is easy

1. Get in touch

Send us an email, give us a call on 0800 220 300 (UK) or 0800 028 6848 (NI), or fill in the online form to sign up

2. Leave it to us

Choose Respond as your go-to stoma prescriptions supplier, or we’ll get in touch with your GP to take care of the rest

3. Your order, your way

You can choose a delivery time and date to suit your schedule, so you can kick back, relax, and carry on with your day