What is Respond Consult?

Respond Consult is an app that we designed to help improve communications in the hospital and within the Community Stoma Care Nurses. It gives you real-time access to patient information with full records and notes available at the touch of a button. It can be used on your desktop and as an iPad app when required.

Key benefits

  • Improves communication between hospital and community nurses
  • Saves you time with referral to Respond home delivery service at the touch of a button
  • Improves efficiencies with a full diary management system
  • Improves patient care through detailed records including patient notes, photographs and cutting templates
  • Ensures ethical working through customer disclaimer text and signature capture
  • Live reporting with appliance usage report to monitor product usage

Key features

Bespoke system

Simple to use dashboard

Offline synchronisation

Data protection

Live reporting


Diary management

Data compliant

Training and support package

Dedicated support line

Respond Consult vs Lite

Do you already have a patient management system? Respond Consult Lite offers all the efficiency and reporting benefits without the need to migrate data between systems. See the table below for the differences between the systems:



Respond Consult

Respond Consult Lite

Enter patient details
Register patient onto Respond home delivery service
Desktop and iPad application ✔*
Enter patient prescription details
Record photographs
Record notes
Record cutting template
Upload documents
Diary management
Dedicated support line
Training and support package
Monitor product usage
Offline synchronisation ✔*
Patient satisfaction surveys

*Available on upgrade


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