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Specialists in stoma and continence care
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Whatever stoma or continence care product you need, as long as it’s available on prescription you can rely on us to deliver it quickly and with absolute discretion.

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our care range 

We champion quality of life for people living with a stoma and continence issues.
Our care range of products are designed to solve a wide variety of stoma related problems.

global assistance

Our global assistance service is here to help you with emergency stoma supplies when you are travelling away from home.

Product Solution Corner #2 Ballooning

Welcome to our second series of articles working in conjunction with our team of nurses to focus on topics that you may or may not be familiar with. Whether you are a new ostomate or you have had your stoma for several years, this could really benefit you.   So,...

National Customer Service Week |5th-9th October 2020

This past week we have been taking part in National Customer Service Week, and this year there was a definite emphasis from the Institute of Customer Service of how COVID has impacted customer services, their roles, how they are working and in what environments. We...

National Customer Service Week | Sharing Information About Customer Service

Thursday's theme for National Customer Service Week is "Leadership" and about sharing information about customer service from a manager's perspective; how our teams have been working and most importantly, offering reassurance to our wonderful customers that your...

Ostomy surgery during lockdown l Gutsy.Mum’s ostomy refashioning surgery

A couple of weeks ago we shared with you Rachel's blog post about having her ostomy surgery during lockdown (which you can find here), and in the blog post Rachel mentioned how she would be back to update us all on her ostomy surgery as she was booked in to have her...

Ostomy surgery during lockdown l Gutsy.Mum’s (Rachel’s) ostomy story…

Ostomy surgery, planned or emergency, can be daunting and leave people with lots of questions and concerns about living life with a stoma. If you are reading this before your surgery or are a new ostomate, please remember that you are not alone, each year in the UK...

The evolving role of the Stoma Nurse during COVID-19

As some restrictions start to ease, and some services start to return to normal, we thought it would be interesting to share with you how our own team of wonderful Community Specialist Stoma Nurses' (or SCNs') roles changed during lockdown, and how their roles are...

NEW! Product Solution Corner

Welcome to our brand-new series of features working in conjunction with our team of nurses to focus on topics that you may or may not be familiar with. Whether you are a new ostomate or you have had your stoma for several years, this could really benefit you. So, in...

Inside Out by Amber

We are so thrilled to be able to share with you this wonderful and insightful podcast series created by Respond user and advocate for the IBD and ostomy community, Amber. For a long time Amber has used her social media platform to help raise awareness and break...

Mental Health Awareness Week – 18th-24th May 2020

This past week has been Mental Health Awareness Week (18th-24th May), with this year's theme being kindness; a great reminder that being kind to ourselves is just as important as spreading kindness to others. Throughout the week we have been sharing with you some tips...

World IBD Day 2020

  Today (19th May 2020) is World IBD Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and tackling stigma's associated with all invisible bowel diseases. There are many charities and organisations around that are doing some amazing work on battling these stigmas, such...


We have a wide range of brochures offering advice, tips and practical help

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Thinking about getting back to work after your operation and what you need to plan for?

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Practical advice on how to plan and enjoy your travel or holiday

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Here’s a list of frequently asked colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy questions and answers, expertly answered.

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