As we are entering wedding season as a bride/groom or wedding guest, planning for the day ahead can be worrying. What to wear, what to bring and knowing you may have a few drinks can sound like a lot so hopefully these few tips will help!

As always I pack my emergency kit which consists of everything I need for a bag change and a spare change of underwear just incase. I always pack immodium incase my output decides to play up. I find a hand bag that can hold my things so I can have them on me all throughout the day. Refresh 3in1 comes in very handy here as I can pack less products but still have everything I need.

When choosing something to wear I try to find something that has some extra room around my mid area to allow for the bag to expand. Ruffles around the mid area, wrap overs and patterns are also good to disguise the bag especially when it expands. A lot of people steer away from wearing lighter clothing as they are afraid of leaks but the last few weddings I have been at I have worn lighter dresses and I was totally fine. Comfort is key so find something you feel comfortable and confident in as you don’t want to ruin the day for yourself worrying about your bag.

Having underwear that covers, supports but does not restrict really helps too. I normally wear nude, high waisted and seam free pants which works well under most things. I also find the hernia support bands for both male and female can work quite well. These come in different sizes and colours so you can match up with what you are wearing. Another idea is a supportive slip dress for under the dress you are wearing. I have worn one of these before and they have worked really well in disguising the outline of the bag under my dress.

For me the main thing is prep and ensuring you always have your emergency kit with you. If you treat it like any other day out and try not to get fixated on your stoma bag you will find there really isn’t anything to worry about. 


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