Meet our Ambassador, Summer!

We sit down with our ambassador, Summer, who is a new ostomate, having had her stoma for nine months. She’s been part of our service for seven months, so we find out her thoughts… 

Tell us about yourself

I’m Summer, I’m twenty one and from Essex. I’ve had my stoma for nine months and I had my stoma because of Ulcerative Colitis.

 What do you think makes a great service?

I think what makes a great service is definitely the customer service team and how they help you. It’s how easy they make the process for you to order your prescriptions.

 How long have you been using the Respond service?

I’ve been using the Respond service for probably about seven months now. I had issues with a previous company with them not being able to supply my bags and a lovely member of Respond came to me and said they could help. From then I just thought, well, they’ve managed to help me and sort the bad situation out, so I changed to Respond.

What is it about the Respond service you like?

I like the whole process and how easy it is. I just call up, or sometimes Respond will call me, and when I need to place my order I say “I’ll have the same as last time, please”. It’s easy and quick. The whole process is simple. And they are also so lovely and chatty when you call!

What three words would you use to describe Respond?

Efficient is one of them and the staff are so lovely…I’d go with reliable, friendly and efficient!

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Respond ambassador programme and family?

It does feel like being part of a family. It’s like one big community and it’s so lovely to meet so many like-minded people. I feel like we’re members of a team. We’re together and we have each other.

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