We are so excited to share with you the first in our series of REFRESH related blog posts, written by the lovely Amy! Read her experience with REFRESH below, and why she has integrated it into her ostomy routine. Enjoy!



Hello my lovelies!

I’m Amy & I’m 29, from the UK.

A little about me – I’ve had Crohn’s Disease since aged 7 but symptoms from as young as I can remember and because of this, I had a permanent ileostomy formed in 2011.

I was so pleased when Respond contacted me and asked me if I’d like to be one of the first to try their new product in their Care Range – Refresh 3 in 1 spray.

The 3 in 1 element of the product is such a game changer. It is an adhesive remover, barrier film & deodorant all rolled into one!

The benefits of Refresh 3 in 1

  • Kinder to the environment – With it being a multi purpose product, Respond have thought about its environmental impact as the need for less products mean less waste. The product is also recyclable.
  • Two sizes – Refresh comes in two different sizes meaning that the product adapts more to your needs, rather than you having to work around the product. The smaller spray is great for carrying on-the-go whereas the bigger spray is ideal for having at home in the bathroom for at home changes.
  • Tailored to the ostomate’s needs – Respond have definitely done such great research, putting so much thought into this product by working with ostomates to find out what really makes a difference to them in the products they use.
  • Less overwhelming – Because of the multi purpose product, this would have definitely made my experience easier when I was new to stoma life. It would have taken away the requirement for me having to think about as many products and this is one of my favourite things about the product.
  • Less time – The multi purpose element of the product also saves time. I was worried about the drying time of the barrier element of the product but it’s very minimal. My skin feels ready for a new bag about 10-15 seconds after applying a barrier.
  • Alcohol free – meaning no stinging on the skin.
  • Fresh linen fragrance – The fragrance does smell so fresh but isn’t overpowering at the same time. It is different to all of the other fragrances I have smelt in stoma products.
  • Simple but effective design – The design of the product is so clean and minimalistic but it is one that I would recognise as it is unique in design as well as its features.
  • Easy to use – remove, protect & refresh.


I am so pleased to now have this product as a key product in my daily stoma routine. It gives me less products to think about and it is truly such an amazing product that I wish had been around sooner.

To get your sample or yours today, click here!

Try Refresh today & remove, protect & refresh.






Thank you again to Amy for this insightful blog post all about her experience with REFRESH and its many benefits to her routine.  Make sure to check out Amy’s Instagram page @ibdwarriorprincess to keep up to date with Amy and her thoughts on our new, innovative product, and get in touch today to request your sample of REFRESH!


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