Today is FSC Friday, ‘but what is it?’ we hear you asking! FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council, who are working to “raise global awareness of the importance of forest management” to help #SaveOurForests and #SaveOurClimate. At Respond, we are passionate about reducing our effect on the environment, and are continuously working on becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly with our packaging and products. So today, we would like to share the importance of FSC Friday, and some of the steps we are taking with you.

The FSC, (or Forest Stewardship Council), promote environmentally appropriate and economically viable management of the world’s forests. So, for this FSC Friday, the FSC are raising awareness for the importance of responsible forest management and the interplay between climate change and forests. One of the biggest ways we are working towards being environmentally-friendly through forest management is through our printing.

All of our booklets, literature and support documents are printed on FSC certified paper from well-managed forests. When you see the FSC logo, you can identify when paper and other materials have been produced from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources, helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. 🌳

The FSC logo signifies the use of sustainable paper, without causing any harm to the world’s forests, and it can be recycled. ♻️🌲


Some of the other ways we are working towards becoming more environmentally friendly include:

♻️ We are cutting down on the amount of plastic products we produce, such as our pens and our wallets for any sample orders, and instead are switching to using paper, card and other recyclable or bio-degradable materials – if you are a part of our support service you will start to notice these changes!

📦 ✂️ We re-use boxes by shredding them for packaging in your deliveries. This negates the need for other packaging materials, whilst ensuring your supplies are delivered securely and in tact.

📦 ♻️ Any remaining used cardboard that we do not re-use in our warehouses gets sent to be recycled. This means that no cardboard goes to waste and is recycled and re-used.

♻️ We are continuously looking at ways that we can be more sustainable with our products and packaging. Our NEW product, REFRESH 3 in 1, is 100% recyclable AND uses bag in can technology ensuring 100% of the product can be used. As we continue to develop our products and our services, you can expect to see more environmentally conscious packaging from us.


We are so proud of the steps we are taking to become more environmentally-friendly, which we hope you will start to recognise as part of our support service. For more information about FSC click here.


 For more information on our award-winning service, click here or give us a call! If you would like to learn more about our #BeTheChange campaign or get involved click here.

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