As we come closer to Christmas we wanted to share with you some festive tips put together by our team of Stoma Nurses, to help keep you jolly this season! We hope you find them useful, please share with us any tips of your own in the comments below!

1. Our first tip, which is more important this year than ever, is to please be mindful if you develop a cough to protect your abdomen against straining.
If you do develop or already have a hernia, there are lots of support garments available to help support your hernia and stoma with our innovative HiLINE range. Check them out by clicking here – categorised into 3 levels, making it easier for you to choose the garment you need for the support you require.


2. Our 2nd tip is to remember to be cautious when decorating and lifting (not just around Christmas!) you may even wish to wear a support garment when doing so to make sure your stoma and abdomen are well supported.






3. It is important to ensure you order you stoma and continence supplies in plenty of time for any special occasion or trip you have coming up, especially with the Christmas and New Year period! Hopefully by now you will have placed and received your order for your supplies, but don’t forget we are always here if you need anything last minute with our 3 easy ways in which you can order your supplies.




🖥️ Click here,

📞 Call our friendly care teams on 0800 220 300/0800 028 6848 N.Ireland or

✉️ Email [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest! 🎅💚


4. A great tip which is useful all year round, but particularly with the cold days and evenings this time of year, is to warm your pouch up before applying it, to maximise the adhesion to your skin.







5. As Winter is finally here, make sure you check and replace any spare pouches in your car if the conditions get bad!








6. As we previously mentioned, it’s always a good idea to pack extras, whether you’re going close to home or a bit further away. Don’t forget we’re here with our emergency delivery service if you ever find yourself running out of supplies! Contact us via phone or email and we’ll take care of everything.





7. It’s important keep hydrated with an ostomy, especially if you’ll be enjoying some alcoholic drinks over the festive period. 🍾🥂








We hope you have found our tips useful and are excited for the festivities ahead. For any further advice or concerns please speak to your Stoma Nurse. We also have our handy Nurses section on our website here and our lifestyle section here, which cover a wide range of frequently asked questions and advice to help you to continue to live life to the fullest and keep well this Winter.

 For more information on our award-winning service, click here or give us a call! If you would like to learn more about our #BeTheChange campaign or get involved click here.

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