For this past week we have been taking part in National Customer Service Week, which is all about learning more about our wonderful teams, company values and how we deliver on our award-winning service.

If you follow our social media accounts you may have already seen our posts, but if not we have included them below so that you can see them too! Don’t forget to give us a Like and follow on our channels so that you can keep up to date with any news, promotions and our activity.

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Monday’s theme was “Insight” – all about learning more about our teams and how we deliver to our customers. We thought for this theme it would be great to introduce you to all of our amazing teams, so that you can put faces to names!

Do you recognise any names? Let us know in the comments for this post!


Tuesday’s theme was “Capability and Skills” –  sharing insight to our company and service, and how our customers feel about us.

At Respond we are so proud of our Customer Support teams and the level of service that we provide for our customers, so we wanted to share with you all our latest annual Customer Satisfaction survey results which show our customers feel the same way!

We also shared our blog post all about our Customer Experience Manager, Garry Hallett, who is responsible for ensuring our high level of customer service across all of our sites! You can read his blog here.


On Wednesday, as part of the “Recognition” theme, we wanted to share with you how all of our staff have been recognised by our BHTA partners, most recently for for the exceptional feedback in our annual NHS Patient Satisfaction Survey, which we shared with you above. Here are our awards proudly on display at this year’s ASCN conference, which you can read all about here:


Thursday’s theme was “Leadership” and sharing information about Customer Service. We had already shown you all our statistics, so we decided it was time to share with you our customer’s words! Below are 6 testimonials from our customers:


The end of National Customer Service week’s theme was “Trust” – which is important for us and our customers alike. Did you know that we have 6 promises that we make to each of our customers? We do this to show all of our customers that they can rely on us to keep providing an exceptional service. Check them out in the video below:


We hope you have enjoyed learning more about us, what our customers have to say about us and of course the wonderful teams behind it all. Check out our social media pages (the links are at the bottom of this page) to see what else we’re up to and learn more about our service!


If you have any questions or would like to discuss our award-winning service give us a call on 0800 220 300 / 0800 028 6848 N.Ireland or email [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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