Managing your stoma

Dealing with stoma drama? Whether you’ve been rockin’ your stoma for a few months or you’re a stoma pro with fifty years under your belt (or bag), we’ve got you covered with support for managing your stoma.

Diet and exercise

Helping you to discover the dos and don’ts of diet and the ins and outs of staying fit while embracing life with a stoma.


From planning your travel escapades to figuring out how to fit your extra stoma supplies into your suitcase, we’ve got your back (and your front, side, and every angle, really) covered with handy tips.

Sex and relationships

Helping you navigate relationships with a stoma, proving that a bag can’t cramp your style when it comes to love.

Returning to work

Advice for returning to work with a stoma, where every day is a chance to flaunt your resilience and sprinkle a bit of humour on the 9-to-5 routine.