Absorb - Odour Neutralising Absorbent Gel 5Absorb - Odour Neutralising Absorbent Gel 5

ABSORB Odour Neutralising Absorbent Gel

Solidifies excess fluid and neutralises odour.




Product Description

ABSORB neutralises pouch odour, absorbs excess fluid, dissolves completely in the pouch and is safe and easy to use. ABSORB contains a highly effective odour neutraliser to help eliminate odours inside the pouch. ABSORB will simply dissolve over time to absorb the extra fluid of pouch contents and then flush away unnoticed.

It is suitable for any ileostomy or colostomy where the output is fluid, and will help manage noise and leaks. ABSORB will also help with pouch security at night.

Prescription Order Codes:

PFW5 (tub of 30 x 3g sachets)
PFW6 (tub of 150 x 3g sachets)

If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

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