As a general guideline ostomates should store their supplies at a consistent temperature throughout the year to prevent potential issues with product performance. It may become apparent, when the weather undergoes changes or gets colder, that this can cause issues to your stoma products.

A recommended practice is to store supplies in a designated space, such as a cupboard in the bedroom, away from direct sunlight and moisture sources. It’s advised to do regular checks on your supplies, especially during the process of ordering new items, to ensure the stoma products are still in good condition and are still good to use.

If you keep any of your stoma supplies in your car to use on-the-go, you may wish to have a check on these too as they may have been impacted by the colder weather!

In the colder temperatures, you might notice that the adhesion on your stoma pouch becomes more rigid and could benefit from some warming before application. Consider placing it beneath your arm or in the palm of your hands prior to changing the pouch, and you’ll discover that your body heat aids in enhancing the adhesive’s stickiness and allows for a more secure fit to your stoma. If you use seals warm between your hands before applying to bring to your body temperature for a secure fit.

Try to store your stoma supplies indoors during the winter rather than in an outdoor shed or garage, as the cold temperatures might affect them. If you choose to keep them in your house, ensure they are not placed near a boiler or radiator, as excessive heat could potentially compromise the quality of the products (for instance, the adhesive on the flange) leading to issues with the fit of your stoma pouch and the effectiveness of your stoma care routine.