When I left hospital 11 years ago following my ostomy surgery, I was armed with my one-piece ostomy bags and a whole new way of life. My first and only delivery at that time had been organised by my stoma nurse, and it arrived a few days later with more essentials. Following that, I began an arduous routine of ordering my supplies via a prescription from my doctor that would then be dispensed by the pharmacy.

Initial Issues
My GP at the time of my operation had been my family doctor for many years. Although the monthly palaver of getting a prescription, taking it to the pharmacy, and then collecting the items when they were ready was a pain, the system sort of worked. I think the familiarity of the people involved helped to make it less daunting, and it was quite an acceptable system at first. Then I changed my surgery; my doctor retired, and I had also moved away to another part of Swansea, so it was a good opportunity to register somewhere closer. But the pharmacy never seemed to get to grips with the ordering and dispensing, so often part of the order was missing, and it became a worry and very inconvenient. It was much the same story when I moved again to Llanelli.

A Happy Coincidence
It was only when I was invited to take part in a photoshoot for Pelican that I made the association with the Respond company. Not only had they been the suppliers of my original pack many years before, but they had my details still on their system, and lo and behold, my stoma supply situation became hassle-free. I hadn’t realized that I was quite entitled to shop around for my ostomy products and was by no means tied to any one company. However, Pelican became my provider of choice, and now I’m honoured to be an ambassador for Pelican and Respond.

The Direct Delivery Option
Respond’s delivery service has definitely taken away the worry and inconvenience that I experienced when I was getting my supplies via my GP surgery/pharmacy. Once you have set up an account (either via the website www.respond.co.uk or by phoning the friendly and helpful team), it’s easy. Someone will then phone you every month to check if you need a delivery and what items you require; the team is always at the end of the phone to answer any queries and offer guidance. Once the order is placed, a delivery date is allocated, and all you need to do is wait for the message from your courier to say when you can expect it to arrive at your door. If you’re not going to be in, not a problem, as you can choose an alternative option. Yes, it really is that easy – arranging your delivery from Respond is a no-brainer!

So, to conclude, if you are looking for a service to make your life easier, just remember…
R E S P O N D: Reliable, Efficient Suppliers of Personalised Orders; Never Disappoints.