I had sepsis for a few months from the beginning of 2021. It was first discovered after my eectovaginal fistula had become very painful, and a seton was placed.

Since then, I experienced a great deal of pain, making it difficult to use the toilet and sit down due to the excruciating discomfort. I had to return to the hospital as my weakness was increasing, and I found it hard to sleep due to the pain. My appetite was also terrible, making my condition even worse. Moreover, the severe pain occasionally caused me to lose consciousness.

I was taken into surgery and placed under anesthesia to assess the situation and clean the area since it was so difficult to clean myself. After I regained consciousness, the surgeon informed me that I had sepsis and needed a stoma bag to provide relief from the constant agony. I had the stoma created, but the sepsis persisted, and I subsequently developed C. Difficile. My time in the hospital made me even weaker than I was before.

A few weeks later, my bowel perforated, and my stoma had to be reformed. I was placed in an induced coma, developed fluid in my lungs, and experienced multiple organ failure, in addition to contracting peritonitis, C. Difficile, and sepsis. My parents were informed that I wouldn’t survive, but I did. I spent several months recovering in the hospital, and the medications I was prescribed eventually cleared the C. Difficile and sepsis, allowing me to get better.

Having sepsis was a terrifying experience, but I’m incredibly proud of how I managed to overcome it. sepsis not only takes a toll on you physically but also mentally, so it’s important to seek help when you feel the need. I’m very grateful for the support I received from the mental health nurse while in the hospital.

To all those currently dealing with sepsis, keep fighting like the warriors you are. If you ever need someone to talk to or some support, I’m always here to chat, as are many others in the community.