Travelling with a stoma bag

So, as I have just returned from a break away in the sun, I thought I would write a piece about travelling with a stoma bag and my experience of this.

As you can imagine I was quite nervous about this and even know it was not my first time travelling, the nerves were still there. There is a lot to think about which starts at the packing stage so I will tell you all my tips to help you on your way if you are going on holiday or have a few days away planned.

What to pack

When packing my case, I made sure to double up on supplies. Being away can be unpredictable so its important to have extra supplies especially if you are heading to a warmer country there will be extra sweating, in and out of the pool and ocean and also taking extra showers which may mean extra bag changes so keep that in mind when considering the amount of supplies you want to bring. I also packed extra dioralyte and Imodium to stay hydrated due to the heat and also because the change in food and the water whilst abroad can leave your output more frequent and runnier so it’s important to stay on top of this and keep well hydrated.

I split my supplies between my two bags, so I packed half into my hand luggage and the other half into my case that I checked in. This was in case a bag goes missing. In my hand luggage I carried my 50ml bottle of REFRESH3IN1 which was handy in case of any bag changes in the airport and I stored this into a small plastic bag to pass through security. As this is a 3in1 product I didn’t have any other liquids to go into the hand plastic security bag which was great.

Remember to get your travel card of your stoma team, I didn’t need this at airport but I did need it at the hotel due to needing a later checkout, a radar key, your sunflower lanyard which you can get online or at the airport and a prescription of your medications and supplies just in case you are asked for these. Better to be over prepared. You should also contact special assist as you get an extra hand luggage bag for your medical supplies and can fast track through security etc.


At the airport I had no issues. I wore loose clothing so my stoma bag wasn’t restricted during a long day of travelling. I was put through the body scanner on my way over so before I went into it, I informed them that I had a stoma bag. They then did a tap down and didn’t touch my stoma bag or ask to see it. I passed through with no issues on the way over and back.


On holidays I wore my bikini, went to the pool and enjoyed my holiday like anyone else! I made sure to stay hydrated and avoid any foods that could cause a blockage and that way I had no issues. I took some stoma bag covers which went down a treat with my bikinis. This wasn’t to try and hide my bag it was just to bling it up a bit and to match my swimwear.

travelling with a stoma

It is normal to feel nervous about travelling with your stoma bag, especially if it is your first time, but don’t put off enjoying time away with your family or friends or even sole travelling because of the what ifs.

Maryrose @big_c_stomaandme

For more advice, head over to our travel advice page

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