Maryrose’s Review of Refresh 3in1

Our ambassador, Maryrose, has been using our REFRESH 3in1 spray for a while now, so we asked if she could share her thoughts…

My thoughts

I have now been using Refresh 3in1 for quite some time and without sounding cliché, it definitely does do what it says on the tin!

Using this product has made life easier. When doing a stoma bag change, it does the job of three different products, therefore less products to lay out and open, less time, less storage space and takes the unnecessary hassle out of the bag change. It definitely changes the game when it comes to hassle free stoma bag changes!

I have used the product when out and about and that’s where I have really seen its benefit. It made the process uncomplicated and helped to increase my confidence of doing a stoma bag change away from home, which was such a big thing for me as the thought of having to change my bag away from home was just so scary and increased my anxiety. It helped that the product has a fresh linen smell which helped to eliminate any odour discretely and the smell is not empowering. It’s great that it can not only be sprayed into the air, but also into the bag.

The fact that the product comes in two sizes is very convenient. The 50ml is the one I take out and about and the 150ml, I keep at home. The 50ml is great to slot in your hand luggage when traveling. As the packaging is recyclable, it helps to know that something I am using day in day out is not having a negative impact on the environment and I am doing my bit for the planet.

Honestly, I wish this product had of been out when I first got my stoma as this would have been a game changer from the get go. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that has a stoma bag and I would encourage anyone who has not yet tried the product to give it a go as once you try it, you won’t go back!

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