Meet our ambassador, Maryrose!

Maryrose has been using our Respond service for two years now, so we sit down and ask her all about how she finds the service and how it feels like one big family. 

Tell us about yourself

My name is Maryrose. I come from Derry in Northern Ireland. I’m thirty-seven years old and I have two young kids. I’ve had my stoma for two years due to cancer.

What do you think makes a great service?

Personalisation. A company that’s reliable, competent and user-friendly.

How long have you been using the Respond service?

I’ve been using Respond for two years. My stoma nurse recommended Respond to me after my operation, and they have been absolutely amazing.

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What is it about the Respond service that you like?

The service is great, reliable, and always on time. They are all in one. Everything that I want from a company I get with Respond. The staff are always a friendly voice at the end of the phone. If there’s something I need to ask, there’s always someone who’s happy to answer. They always bring my goods on time and that’s a really important factor.

What three words would you use to describe Respond?

Reliable, all in one and user-friendly.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Respond ambassador programme and family?

It lets me share my story with people who are in the same position that I was in two years ago, which means so much. Respond has become part of my family over the last couple of years. I just want to spread their message to everybody else in the community.

What would you say to someone who is looking to change their service?

I’ve been with Respond for the last two years and not once have I even thought about changing my service. That says a lot about the company. If you’re thinking about it, move over to Respond as you shouldn’t be thinking about it.

Tell us 3 things that we don’t know about you?

I’m from a large family. I’m one of ten children and I’m the youngest. I was born with one kidney and an extra valve in my heart – which I never knew about until the scan for cancer.

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