In this blog, trialist and REFRESH user, Rachel, takes us behind the scenes of our photoshoot earlier in the year for REFRESH, and her experience of our new product. Happy reading!

This Summer I had the honour of being asked by Respond Healthcare Ltd to be part of the launch of their new innovative 3 in 1 product, REFRESH. This exciting product is truly one of a kind acting as a barrier film, adhesive remover, and deodoriser in the form of a fresh linen fragrance. It removes the need for several tools, creating an eco friendly product that is kind to the environment, and your stoma care routine.

When your having a bad day and your little friend isn’t being patient in their outfit changes, opening several products in an emergency bag change is simply a nightmare! The complexity of the experience is finally taken away. Armed with a soft thin cap on the spray can for quick and easy use whilst controlling an active stoma, REFRESH is easy to use with valuable time taken back, as well as your storage. One of the best features for me is the choice of sizes. Available in a 150ml spray can and 50ml, this cute little can of freedom allows you to travel extra light in terms of stoma supplies, whilst your bigger one can stay at home.

Having two ostomates in our household, the waste and recycling we create has always been a concern of mine. I am always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. REFRESH is 100% recyclable and free from air pollutants found in traditional aerosols. This means I can stop ordering several products that can create non recyclable waste, and use REFRESH for both practical ease and minimising environmental impact. On my Instagram @gutsy.mum I share how life works in our household with two ostomates, and how I use craft trollies to store my supplies. They carry enough for a weeks supply before replenishing at the end of each week. We store the stock delivered by Respond in our garage, as we simply don’t have the space. This little can will give back some precious storage space and leave me with little to carry back and for when replacing stock.

As a Mum to a 5 year old ostomate, I am always encouraging independence during bag changes and emptying. Products needed for this aren’t always child friendly in terms of easiness to open and use. Having the 50ml spray can is perfect for little fingers, with no coldness to the skin on application giving no nasty shocks for our little ones precious tummies.

Part of the launch included a photo shoot where I was filmed and photographed going through the process of carrying out a bag change. Using the new product in this way meant customers would have a true to life example to view in video form. When informed of this new concept applied to instructions in a new product it was nothing but singing to my ears! Such a fantastic idea, nothing beats watching someone else use a product in order to learn how to get the best from it. As we know, not every one learns in the same way. As individuals we may gain more through listening, speaking, doing or watching. The concept behind these instructions creates more accessibility as you watch each step being carried out, giving you confidence when using it for the first time. More importantly for new ostomates, it is essential when getting to grips with stoma life that you understand what a product does and how to use it properly.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicola, Natalie, Meg, and Claire for being so supportive during this process, and the gentlemen who carried out the videography and photography for making me feel so comfortable during the photo shoot. It was most certainly one of the most out of body experiences I have ever had! Being a Mum who is just trying to use her little corner of the world to show that having a stoma doesn’t have to be a negative experience, finding the right products is a total game changer. When you find something that works and you that you can reply on, you can start doing the things you had been putting on hold, tick off your bucket list, and live life to the full.

Take care, Rach x


Thank you again to Rachel for this insightful blog post all about her experience going behind the scenes and taking part in our photoshoot, and how impactful REFRESH is for her routine. It was an absolute pleasure to have you with us on set of shooting our REFRESH user guide! 

Make sure to check out Rachel’s Instagram page @gutsy.mum to keep up to date with Rachel and her thoughts on our new, innovative product, and get in touch today to request your sample of REFRESH!


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