This past week we have been taking part in National Customer Service Week, and this year there was a definite emphasis from the Institute of Customer Service of how COVID has impacted customer services, their roles, how they are working and in what environments. We have really enjoyed sharing with you some more insight on how our wonderful teams have been working whilst adapting to new measures and ways of working. Below you will find a recap of all our posts this past week. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media platforms (links at the bottom of this post) to keep up to date with all our news, stories and more!


Monday’s theme was about offering insight to our customers on what is important to them from a delivery and support service. We know how important it is to feel secure and at ease when it comes to your essential stoma and continence supplies, especially during these difficult times. In order to continue to deliver you our fantastic, efficient and reliable service, we’ve put in place some safety measures for our staff in our offices, warehouses and for those working from home, and some service measures to ensure you the support service you deserve continues uninterrupted. So we thought we would share just some of the measures we put in place regarding our wonderful care teams.

✨ Building and maintaining good relationships with our customers is so important to us. To enable us to maintain our good customer contact one of the measures we put in place was maximising our phone system, meaning that customers now speak to the next available agent, ensuring their calls are always answered.
✨ We continue to closely monitor the NHS guidance around COVID and the supply of prescriptions, and our customer service teams have been working hard as usual to support our customers, especially those in isolation – we are always here to offer support, advice and to lend an ear if you ever need us.

We are so proud to say that due to the measures we have put in place, our customers have not received any reduction in our fantastic service levels, and we have been able to continue to build and maintain wonderful relationships with our customers.

Another element of our service which is important is of course the delivery! We fully understand the importance for the delivery element of our service to be quick, discreet and reliable. As most of you are aware, DPD are our chosen courier partners to deliver your stoma and continence supplies. We see their values and ethos being very similar to ours; they put their customers first and at the heart of what they do – and we love that.



In our latest customer satisfaction survey we had some fantastic feedback around DPD deliveries. It’s wonderful to read and know that our customers are pleased with the delivery part of our service. Here are some of the testimonials we received:


Not only have our courier partners, DPD, been working consistently throughout these past few months to deliver your essential supplies to you on time and securely as usual, but they also introduced their contact-free delivery – another way we and our courier partners are working to keep delivering you an exceptional and safe service. 🚚




Tuesday’s theme for National Customer Service Week was about capability and skills, and sharing how customer services have been working in this current landscape. We cannot say “Thank you” enough to all our wonderful care teams, warehouse and cutting teams, for adapting to the measures we put in place and continuously working hard to ensure our customers receive the best service possible.

Where possible, all of our amazing care teams are working from home, whilst ensuring our excellent customer service continues with no disruption to our support service. We have extensive on-site measures in place in our warehouses and offices, to promote social distancing and to keep all of our staff safe.

We would not be able to continue providing our great service to our customers without all of our amazing staff – thank you to everyone at Respond, and thank you to our customers who have been calling, emailing, and messaging us across our social media platforms to share with us what a great job they think we are doing, nothing makes us more proud!

We may still be going some challenging and uncertain times, but one thing you can be reassured on is whether in the office or working from home, you can always rely on us to deliver. 🚚

Here is a short video that we shared to say “Thank you” to all our incredible teams!


It’s not just our care teams however who had to adapt to working in a new landscape, our amazing Stoma Nurse team, who although are back into the community now in their full PPE equipment (another new way to get used to working!), also had to adjust and get used to a new virtual way of caring for their patients. 💻📞
You can read more about how they worked and how their roles changed during lockdown in our blog post written by our Lead Nurse, Alison, by clicking here. 👩‍⚕️



Wednesday was all about celebrating our customer service heroes. Throughout these past challenging months, we would not have been able to provide our customers with our award-winning service without the hard work and dedication of all our warehouse and customisation teams.

To ensure high levels of health and safety for our staff and customers during this time, we’ve put extensive measures in place in our warehouses and cutting rooms, including conducting risk assessments in every aspect of our warehouse and distribution environment.

We always strive to keep a high stock level in our warehouses, so that you never have to worry about your next order for your essential supplies. Our amazing warehouse and cutting teams continue to work tirelessly to ensure you receive your orders quickly, with all the items that you need, with absolute discretion and to our regular high standard.

We would like to say a big thank you to our heroes, our amazing warehouse and customisation teams, for adapting so well to the new measures and for continuing working on our “front lines”!



Thursday’s theme was about leadership, and about sharing information on customer service from a management’s perspective. Our UK Manager of DAC Services, Julie, has written a blog post to share with you further insight on how our teams have been working and the measures we have in place to help keep them safe. 💚

To read the blog and find our more about how we could support you with our award-winning support service click here.



On Friday, we shared with you how we are continuously working on becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly with our packaging and our products, and the steps we are taking to do so:






♻️ We are cutting down on the amount of plastic products we produce, such as our pens and our wallets for any sample orders, and instead are switching to using paper, card and other recyclable or bio-degradable materials – if you are a part of our support service you will start to notice these changes going forward.

📦 ✂️ We re-use boxes by shredding them for packaging in your deliveries. This negates the need for other packaging materials, whilst ensuring your supplies are delivered securely and in tact.

📦 ♻️ Any remaining used cardboard that we do not re-use in our warehouses gets sent to be recycled. This means that no cardboard goes to waste and is recycled and re-used.

One of the biggest ways we are working towards being environmentally-friendly is through our printing. All of our booklets, literature and support documents are printed on FSC certified paper from well-managed forests. 🌳 But what does this mean?

The FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, promote environmentally appropriate and economically viable management of the world’s forests. When you see the FSC logo, you can identify when paper and other materials have been produced from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources, helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.
The FSC logo signifies the use of sustainable paper, without causing any harm to the world’s forests, and it can be recycled. ♻️

We are so proud of the steps we are taking to become more environmentally-friendly, which we hope you will start to recognise as part of our support service.

For more information about FSC check out:



We hope you have enjoyed our latest blog post and found it insightful to how we have been supporting our amazing customer service team during these challenging times. Don’t forget you can catch up on all our posts this National Customer Service Week by checking out our social media pages linked below!

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