Astoa Mouldable Ring Seals

Expertly designed to provide the complete solution to leakage problems.



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Stretch it, break it, reshape it, mould it, seal it…love it!

Stoma output if coming into contact with the skin can cause it to become red, itchy and sore which can play havoc when trying to keep an appliance secured to the body. The New Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seal has been expertly designed to provide the complete solution to these leakage problems whilst delivering supreme comfort, security and confidence.

The unique hydrocolloid adhesive system provides resistance to fluid erosion and high fluid absorption to ensure your skin remains free from harmful skin irritants. Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seals are highly mouldable so you can stretch it, break it, reshape it and mould it to fit even the most awkward of areas. Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seals will immediately adhere to the skin, making flange/baseplate application simple and straightforward.

The high initial tack ensures the ring seal stays in place for prolonged periods of time, therefore having the potential to extend appliance wear time.

Astoa Ring Seals contain Shea Butter; which has moisturising properties and contains stearic acid which promotes and protects skin barrier health.(1)

(1) Fowler J., Silverberg, N. 2008 Active Naturals Have a Key Role in Atopic Dermatitis A supplement to Skin and Allergy News.

Prescription Order Codes:

AMRS30 – 48mm x 4mm STANDARD (Box of 30 seals)

If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

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