Respond_coronavirus updates
Respond_coronavirus updates

Supply chain:

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, we can confirm and reassure that the Eakin Group manufacturing facilities and our supply chains are operating as normal. The Eakin Group products are made in the UK ensuring that we will continue to meet demand. We have also taken proactive measures and are managing and monitoring supply and demand closely for all other manufacturers products. We do not foresee any areas of risk to provide an ample supply of product to support our customers.

Pouch customisation process:

Our cutting team work in a controlled area and all wear overalls and shoes that are only worn in the cutting room

We cut pouches using cutting machines which minimises the amount of time we have to handle the pouches

Each cutting-machine workstation has its own hand gel and staff are instructed to use the hand gel at regular intervals during the day

Pouch boxes are only opened just before the pouches are cut, in the cutting room environment, minimising the amount of time pouches are out of the box

There are regular cleaning routines in the cutting room


If you need to contact us, please call our customer services team on:

0800 220 300 / 0800 028 6848 N.Ireland

As always, we remain committed to providing you with the very best in products and service.

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