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Respond Consult

What is Respond Consult and how do we describe it?

“Respond Consult is the first truly mobile software solution providing complete management of patient care”.

A next generation patient management system

Consult has been designed to help improve communications in the hospital and with the community Stoma Care Nurses. It gives you real time access to patient information with full records and notes available at the touch of a button. Consult can be used for the initial consultation and throughout the patient journey. It can be used on your desktop and as an iPad app when required.

Key benefits:

  • Improves communication between hospital and community.
  • Saves you time referral to home delivery service at the touch of a button.
  • Improves efficiencies with a full diary management system.
  • Improves patient care.
  • Ensures ethical working.
  • Live reporting.

Key features:

  •   Bespoke system
  •   Simple to use dashboard
  •   Offline synchronisation
  •   Data compliant
  •   Data protection
  •   Security
  •   Live reporting
  •   Diary Management
  •   Training and support package
  •   Dedicated support line
Want to know more?

For further information call 0800 220 300 or email hello@respond.co.uk.
Download PDF version here.