Just like your stoma, your body is completely unique to you and it’s important you find stoma care products that fit and shape to your curves and profile.

We all have creases and folds. Stand up and sit down to see how your body shape and skin around your stoma changes during activities you repeat many times a day. The skin around your stoma may be uneven due to many reasons, including:

  • You have lost or gained weight.
  • You are pregnant and your body is changing.
  • You have a hernia or bulge/swelling around your stoma.
  • Your stoma is placed close to scarring or near your hipbone from your surgery.
  • Your stoma is close to the skin level – it’s not protruding far.

Uneven skin is normal and what is important is to find a solution that helps to create a flat surface to help with secure stoma bag adhesion. Filling in these dips and creases before applying your stoma bag may help the baseplate sit flat to the skin and in turn help prevent leakages and sore skin.

A flatter skin surface can be achieved by choosing an accessory such as a mouldable seal that can mould into these dips or creases to create a smooth abdominal area for the stoma bag to adhere to. A mouldable seal can be placed around the stoma and moulded into any crease, or you can break the seal, roll a section of it, and fill in a larger dip if required.

If you have any concerns about your stoma care routine, please speak to your stoma care nurse or our care team are available to help with general queries.


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