No two stomas are the same and whereas some protrude out from the body by 10mm or more, others can be much closer to skin level, and some even below skin level. These are called flush or retracted stomas and they can happen for a few reasons, such as during surgery due to amount of bowel available, or post-surgery due to weight gain or from developing a hernia.

Whatever the reason for you having a flush stoma, it is important that you have the right stoma bag and other products, if necessary, to help with your stoma protrusion and to prevent leaks.

If you’re currently using a flat pouch, you may need to speak to your stoma care nurse to discuss potentially trying a convex stoma bag. Convex stoma bags are designed to provide gentle pressure on your skin to help your stoma protrude further into the stoma bag and create a better seal between the bag and your skin.

Sometimes, even when using a convex bag, you may still experience leaks under the baseplate, so the addition of a seal may be a great solution for you.

However, with a flush stoma it is important to consider the thickness of the seal. The convex bag is there to help with stoma protrusion into the bag and therefore considering a thin yet absorbent seal for added protection is important. The seal will help absorb any output around the base of the stoma, and help prevent leaks from occurring, protecting peristomal skin.

There’s an eakin® seal for every ostomate. Check out our recommended solution below to find out more and to sample today:

Eakin freeseal®  – your seal for convex stoma bags

If you are using a convex drainable stoma bag yet still finding moisture is being trapped under your bag, then try an eakin® freeseal. These seals are super thin which mean they can mould around your stoma yet not impact the convexity of your stoma bag. A thin layer of extra protection.

Click here to find out more and to sample one today.


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