OstoSHIELD Stoma Protector

Protects the stoma from direct contact.



Product Description

It is shaped to allow the stoma to function during wear and is made from a durable, light ABS plastic. OstoSHIELD offers security and protection during sporting activities, gardening, whilst at work and also to prevent car seat belts from rubbing against the stoma. OstoSHIELD can be worn under any type of clothing and may also be worn under support garments to allow proper stoma function and for prolapsed stomas.

You will also need the fully adjustable belt for OstoSHIELD Stoma Protector (sold seperately), which is available in two sizes – Small/Medium (40-85cm) Prescription Order Code Res40 and Large/Extra Large (66-124cm) Prescription Order Code Res45. Belts can be ordered separately via the OstoSHIELD Belt page.

Prescription Order Code:


If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

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