OstoSEAL Protective Powder

Forms a protective film by combining with exudate from moist skin areas.




Product Description

OstoSEAL is the first formulation of its kind to include Aloe Vera to aid in the healing of excoriated skin. This unique formulation makes OstoSEAL the most gentle and highly effective protective powder available.

OstoSEAL seals moist excoriated skin, secures stoma adhesives to difficult moist skin areas, soothes excoriated skin caused by folliculitis or post shave, reduces trauma of pouch removal on sore skin areas, protects skin and helps prevent pouch leakage.

The anti-inflammatory action of Aloe Vera may help accelerate the healing process.

Prescription Order Code:

ABP2 (50g puffer bottle)

If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

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