OstoFIX Security Frames

OstoFIX Security Frames are strong but gently cushioned adhesive shaped frames giving you extra security and confidence whenever you have a concern with the adhesion of your appliance.




Product Description

OstoFIX eighty Security Frames have all-round stretch and flexibility and can be positioned precisely around any appliance contour and over any local scarring. This pliability aids the reduction of edge lifting, thus greatly increasing the appliance wear time. OstoFIX eighty Security Frames are coloured in discreet beige with a non-slip matt finish and unlike shaped hydrocolloids they do not disintegrate with wear.

OstoFIX eighty are half the size of the OstoFIX forty, and therefore are ideal for use on smaller appliances or stoma caps.

OstoFIX eighty Security Frames are presented in a box of 80 frames.
Prescription Order Code: DFW80

OstoFIX forty Security Frames are presented in a box of 40 frames.
Prescription Order Code: DFW3

If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

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