Guard - Barrier Film 4Guard - Barrier Film 4

GUARD Barrier Film Sample

GUARD Barrier Film is a rapid dry film specially created from the latest silicone technology, and incorporating Lavender essential oil, the oldest of nature’s remedies for soothing painful sore skin.

Please note for Scottish requests,
we will need to seek SCN approval first.



Product Description

GUARD Barrier Film is highly effective in protecting the skin from faecal and urinary effluent, and medical adhesives. GUARD Barrier Film aids in the adhesion and removal of flanges, pouches and dressings.

Available in a handy 50ml spray or a box of 30 x 3ml convenient sachets.

Prescription Order Codes:

RMC3 (30 sachets)
RMC5 (50ml spray)

If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

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