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Astoa Adhesive Flange Extender

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Expertly designed to provide the complete solution to leakage problems.

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A common concern and issue for ostomates is the security of their stoma appliance and the fear that their flange/baseplate may start to lift around the edges causing it to come loose. When this happens it often results in the changing of their stoma appliance more frequently resulting in reduced wear time and increased cost.

The new range of Astoa Hydrocolloid Flange Extenders has been specially designed to secure the flange/baseplate to the body whilst helping to protect the skin from excoriation and maceration. Astoa Hydrocolloid Flange Extenders are extremely flexible with fantastic elasticity benefits which mean that you can bend and stretch and the tape will move and stretch with you. The Astoa range also benefits from a unique highly absorbent hydrocolloid adhesive system that minimises the risk of leakage therefore providing greater security and confidence. With a choice of Wide, Small and Large Flange Extender options, there is something for every type of body shape and the added potential for extended appliance wear time and reduced pouch usage.

The Astoa Adhesive Flange Extender LARGE size is ideal for those who want to seal either half of their baseplate/flange with just one strip or who want to fully seal the entire baseplate/flange with the use of two LARGE flange extenders.

The Astoa Adhesive Flange Extender WIDE size is ideal for those who want a wider surface area to be secured to the skin to provide greater comfort and security.The Astoa Adhesive Flange Extender SMALL size is ideal for those who may just have a certain area that they want to secure i.e. due to one corner of the baseplate/flange always being prone to lifting, or to join two large flange extenders to create a complete seal around the baseplate/flange.

Prescription Order Codes:

Large – AFEL30 (pack of 30)
Wide – AFEW30 (pack of 30)
Small – AFES30 (pack of 30)

If you live in the UK, this product is available on prescription from your GP.

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Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy

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Directions for Application

Make sure the skin is clean, dry and free from any solvents, ointments or moisturisers.

Remove the release paper from the surface and place the inner edge of the tape over the edge of your flange/baseplate and then gently apply the tape to the skin, holding in place for 30 seconds. If preferred you can choose to apply half of the tape by removing just one half of the backing release paper.

Directions for Removal

Slowly and gently peel the flange/baseplate and flange extender away from the body.
Remove any residue by rolling and peeling.
Dispose of as per local regulations. Do not flush down the toilet.

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How To Use

Before you apply the Flange Extender, make sure your skin is clean from any solvents, ointments or moisturisers.
To find out how to apply the Flange Extender, please follow the instructions for use below.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Having had to have my stoma as an emergency, it is not the best, being retracted, convex and downward pointing. I suffered constantly with leaks. After trying most of the “Flange Extenders” available to ostomates and having bad reactions to them all, I finally came across these, to say they changed my life is an understatement. I now feel confident going out and about knowing that my baseplate is far more secure, and they are kind to my skin. These are a must in any ostomates travel kit.

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