We had an interview with one of our customers, Helen, who shared her experience joining our support service. Have a read of it below, enjoy!

“Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable – the service is brilliant every time!”

How long have you had your stoma?

Since May 2018. It’s been good so far, some ups and downs, takes a bit of time getting used to it due to lifestyle changes. I’m starting to get back on my feet a bit more.

I have an Ileostomy

I had Crohn’s and Colitis for 17 years, the last few years took a nose dive and nothing worked, it was getting worse and worse. I was pretty much a recluse. My operation was a planned surgery, I had been pushing and fighting for it for 2 years.

6 weeks (at date of interview).

Online, through Louise Potter and some other people mentioning Respond online.  I had seen on Facebook as well so I enquired.

Not at all, it’s all been spot on. I was with another company previously and I ad to wait a long time for products to come into stock and had to keep chasing. I wasn’t being kept in the loop, but I am now.

No, not at all.

Through DPD, I receive a text and email the day before delivery with a delivery time slot, so I know when to expect my delivery.

Peace of mind and comfort. Everything has been done and speedily. Whereas before I had a lot of issues with products being missed. Respond have a fast delivery too.

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable – the service is brilliant every time!

That there would be a time delay between my prescription and delivery, but there wasn’t one.

I was having delivery and communication issues, I wasn’t being told products were out of stock and delayed, I just wasn’t kept in the loop.

Very easy – literally just had to call them and give my GP details etc and the items I wanted and they took it from there.

Main difference is the speed of service, the delivery time is hassle free and quick, which is very reassuring. The complimentary and “to hire” items that Respond offer also swayed me, that I was able to receive some underpads for the bed upon request, for a bit of peace of mind and extra support.

Speed of service, helpful staff, no barrier when talking to staff, there’s no embarrassment, all the staff are approachable

Through online support groups.

If you are unhappy wit your current service or unsure whether you can change service, to just go for it – I cannot recommend Respond enough!

Very much so!

It’s just hassle free and easy, it takes one phone call and you don’t have to worry about telling the old supplier that you are changing services. It’s so easy!

Yes definitely, I already have done so in some online group chats.

Not really, the only minor thing is an up to date online ordering service, but it’s not a problem for me as I can order over the phone or by email!