Winter is a magical time filled with festive gatherings, delicious treats, and hearty meals. However, for those with a stoma, managing dietary choices is important to ensure comfort and confidence throughout the festive period.

You can continue to enjoy most of your favourite holiday indulgences with your stoma, the key is to maintain a balanced diet. While enjoying sweets, be mindful of excess sugar and fats, as they can lead to problems with your stoma.

Chewing thoroughly is also vital, especially for those with an ileostomy or short bowel, aiding nutrient absorption. Opt for smaller, frequent meals instead of one large feast to prevent excess wind and discomfort.

Staying hydrated is equally as important, especially during the festive chaos! Dehydration can lead to thicker output and cause you to be unwell. As you enjoy the festivities, remember to drink an adequate amount of water to keep your body hydrated and your stoma functioning smoothly.

Should you observe any changes in your stoma output, consider incorporating products like ABSORB Odour Neutralising Absorbent Gel or