Ask the Nurse – Ileostomy

What if you get ballooning? Download Here What is ballooning? Ballooning happens when the wind from your stoma collects inside your pouch causing it to inflate or balloon. What can cause ballooning? A blocked filter pouch A wet pouch filter Dietary issues. Hints and tips Ballooning is uncomfortable. It causes your pouch to bulge underneath … Continue reading “Ask the Nurse – Ileostomy”

Ask the Nurse – Colostomy

What if you want to manage your colostomy differently? Download Here Colostomy irrigation Colostomy irrigation is a method of emptying the colon (bowel) by inserting warm water into your colostomy to flush out the stool. You will need irrigation equipment, clean warm water and access to a lavatory for up to one hour. Colostomy irrigation … Continue reading “Ask the Nurse – Colostomy”