On the 30th October we conducted stoma awareness training for the security team at the National Assembly for Wales, Senedd, lead by our Community Nurse Specialist, Hazel. It was such a great opportunity to go into the Senedd and talk all things stoma with their security teams and have discussions regarding safety checks and what they/ostomates can expect.

Upon arrival we proceeded through the security checks which consisted of going through their metal archway scanners and then with a handheld scanner (similar to the checks in the airport), whilst our bags went through the X-ray scanner. Our nurse, Hazel, had a couple of pairs of scissors in her bags for the training which were picked up on the X-ray so we had to have our bags searched also. This prompted a great discussion later on in the training sessions on how to approach searching someone’s bag – to be mindful and considerate that a person may also have their medical devices (or stoma bags) with them which they may not pulled out of their bags whilst being searched.

This discussion lead on to many others, which helped the security staff gain an understanding why someone would be carrying scissors with them, that maybe they were out for the day and decided on a trip to the Senedd, or that they have just been left in their kit from the last time they used them.


They were also able to familiarise themselves with some other products an ostomate may be carrying with them, for example, sprays and of course spare pouches.


The training sessions prompted some great questions, discussions, and all left with a better understanding of why it is so important to show a little more consideration for people coming through with medical devices and supplies.


We can’t wait to come back and provide more training for the Senedd, it was a great day all around! Check out our blogs about our stoma awareness training with Cardiff Airport here and here!


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