Lynette Robson-Rose is one of Respond’s community nurses. She completed her nurse training at Nottingham University in 2004 and then worked for 3 years on a General Surgical Ward at Lincoln County Hospital. During this time, she developed a particular interest in Colorectal nursing.

In 2007 she moved to Oxford and worked as a Ward Nurse on the inpatient Oncology Unit. During this time she completed her Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Course and was soon promoted on the unit to Deputy Sister. In this role she supported her colleagues and helped to improve patient care experiences within the service.

In 2010, Lynette developed her nursing role further by joining the Colorectal Nursing Team and developed into a Colorectal Specialist Nurse. She worked in this role, gaining oncological and surgical experience, for 5 years.

Lynette then moved to Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust as a Colorectal/Stoma Specialist Nurse. She worked quite autonomously within the hospital, gaining Stoma Care knowledge and skills along the way. Lynette counselled patients prior to surgery and after their surgery on the wards. She provided support to patients, their carer and families prior to discharge home, ensuring safe transition from the hospital to home, with the assistance from Community Stoma Care Nurses.


Are you based in the Nottingham area and in need of stoma support or advice? Call our Nottingham care centre on 0800 220 300 to book your appointment with Lynette, today!

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